Every woman understands the power of a great dress: when we look good, we feel good! So who says we shouldn’t be able to feel that way every day? Not to save up our best for parties and weddings but to wear nice things ALL the time - to feel good ALL the time! To walk the dog, to attend a meeting, to be at home with the kids, to do the shopping... it shouldn't matter.

With Tuesday Label, my desire is to transcend night and day, summer and winter, work and play - to create a versatile wardrobe that works wherever we go, so we feel good wherever we go. The same dress can be worn with boots to work, with heels for date-night, with sneakers on the weekend, with sandals on holiday. I want to throw out the window the traditional limitations that hold us back, and rise above those labels we unwittingly give ourselves: student; career woman; wife; mum; grandmother... And say, you deserve to feel good no matter what - just wear the pretty dress!

So I designed Tuesday Label to be centred around great dresses. Different shapes for different bodies, but each style is consistently feminine. From the fabrics to the colour, feeling good is at the heart of every design. 


I have lived and breathed fashion my whole life. I grew up in a small rural town surrounded by my large, blended family and a menagerie of animals. I worked in my parents’ clothing manufacturing business after school, in the holidays and through out university. I literally learnt from the ground up - I swept the sewing floors, drove the delivery van, and burnt myself on the presses.
My heart-felt love for fashion has grown a career spanning 20 years, buying and presenting ranges to major chain stores, managing large production runs and sourcing big international brands for independent boutiques.  So now, as I present to you my own small considered range, I know that the real difference is in how it makes you FEEL. Tuesday Label is for the soft-hearted and the strong-minded.   


For women to feel beautiful, EVERY DAY. Because wearing nice things is part of our daily self-care. x Biddie