Mindful Fashion

Across the wider challenges of the fashion industry we recognise there needs to be collective effort to create truly impactful change. As such we are proud, paying members of Mindful Fashion NZ, a New Zealand clothing and textiles organization that aims to strengthen the industry to create a sustainable, circular and thriving future.

Having personally grown up in the industry in its ‘BUY NZ MADE’ heyday, local New Zealand production is part of my heritage and very close to my heart. However with more than one generation no longer being encouraged to enter a career trade as a sewing machinist, a fabric cutter, or a pattern maker, the demise of ample skilled craftspeople here is very real.

The work Mindful Fashion NZ is doing to change this while also actively fighting for innovation & sustainability is passionate & progressive and we are so pleased to support them. See their website to read more about this movement and find the other wonderful NZ brands that are also onboard.

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