Our Planet

These lasting & meaningful connections we have with our people create a unique business model, allowing us to be sustainable in a different way. Unlike others, Tuesday Label doesn’t have minimum order quantities to meet. We can make exactly what our stockists have pre-ordered – whether it’s 5 pieces or 50 pieces. There’s no big mass-production number to hit which not only means a Tuesday Label garment is wonderfully special, but very importantly also means there’s no excess, there’s no wastage.

We also consciously choose to work with deadstock fabrics when creating our beautiful garments. ‘Deadstocks’ are fabrics that already exist – so we are helping to use up fabric that has already been made rather than producing more. Each season we also continue to offer more natural and recycled fibre alternatives which have an even lower carbon footprint. We further minimise waste by using our own fabric scraps for other projects. Our goodie bags for NZFW 2019 were made this way, as are our pretty scarves & cute hair scrunchies.

Here at Tuesday Label we are so proud to be plastic bag FREE. It is common place for bulk garments to be shipped in individual plastic bags – something we DON’T do!! Our packaging is 100% compostable, including our courier bags, our tissue, and our label stickers. We upcycle cardboard banana boxes from our local supermarket to pick & pack stockist orders; we reuse sampling labelling from season to season; we consume paper very lightly; we print in grey ink instead of black; we recycle everything we can.

It’s a constant work in progress and we’re always striving to be better. But the beauty of being a small business means we’re able to move quickly and make immediate decisions to implement improved practices as they are discovered.