Sustainability and Ethics


Here at tuesday, we take sustainability very seriously. Everything from our business model to our packaging is influenced by how our choices will impact on our friend Mother Nature. Here’s how…

tuesday has a very special relationship with our manufacturers that is different from the rest. Biddie has been in the rag-trade industry for over 15 years and during this time she’s created some lasting and meaningful relationships with manufacturers in China. They are capable men & women running teams of skilled & knowledgeable men & women. We make trips to China twice a year to see our manufacturers and they come over to see us here in NZ every 12-18 months.

Biddie has met their families, they’ve met hers. She’s been inside their homes, they’ve been to hers. They share meals together, go sightseeing together, swap gifts for their children, go to the supermarket together, you name it. Biddie takes them Manuka honey and natural NZ medicine (at their request!) and they gift her Chinese tea (yum!) and silk scarves.

These unique relationships have allowed for tuesday to produce a lot more sustainably than most wholesale businesses. Our manufacturers don’t impose any minimum order quantities on clothes we make. This means we can literally make to what our stockists have ordered. There’s no excess, there’s no wastage. Because we sell in advance to our stockists, we’re not taking a punt each season and producing bulk hoping it will sell. We know exactly what has pre-sold and how much to make of each style.

We also use deadstock fabric to create our gorgeous garments. This means that we are using up fabric that has already been made rather than producing new fabric. We believe it’s important to make use of what you’ve already got! This also suits our business model of producing small runs. (We don’t have to commit to buying 1000m of fabric that we’re only going to use a tiny amount of!). We are also integrating more natural or recycled fibres as opposed to man-made fibres that cause a greater carbon footprint.

We continue to minimise the waste by using our left over fabric for other projects. Our goodie bags for fashion week were made out of left over fabric from Autumn 2019. We also use smaller left overs for scrunchies and neck ties (so cute).

Here at tuesday,  we are proud to be free of plastic bags. As of June this year our garments are no longer shipped in individual plastic bags. Our courier bags are 100% compostable and so are our label stickers. We also make a conscious effort to recycle whatever we can in our office (paper, boxes, printer toners, the lot!)

tuesday strives to be sustainable in every aspect of our work and continue to look for more ways in which we can do so everyday. When you shop tuesday you can feel confident our garments are made with love and sustainability in mind.

tuesday label is also a proud member of Mindful Fashion New Zealand, a clothing and textile collective that unites the local industry, to create an innovative, full-circle and thriving future. 

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